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J.Elquist Clothiers

jelquistJ. Elquist was established in 2009 to combat the overwhelmingly casual and nonchalant world of men’s dress, aiming at not only reviving men’s dress to its former standards, but also establishing the 21st century man as an art unto himself. The centuries have left their mark on menswear, continuing its trend of innovation based on tradition. It’s time for a new age, time to breath new life into old establishments and redefine the modern man. J. Elquist is here to be the vanguard for this new conception of bringing style to tradition. In its creation, J. Elquist will set the standard for the new Sartorial Renaissance.

J Daniel Elquist/Proprietor/J.Elquist Clothiers/

Jeremy Roberts/Creative Director/J.Elquist Clothiers/

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  1. Brendan permalink
    October 18, 2009 7:29 pm

    Do you ever feel like making stylish clothes for the modern gentleman is sort of reactionary fad. Like in the 60’s, everyone was really buttoned down, and that birthed this aggressive rocker phase in the 70’s where everyone grew out their hair and wore torn up jeans with leather vests, but after a decade of that people rebelled by going super prep and wearing Lacoste shirts and a nice pair of khakis. But then after prep, people rebelled with grunge, which was the total opposite of prep. Do you ever feel like your clothes might just be at the dawning of some sort of new trend where everyone’s reacting to greasey indie rock attire, but in a few years everyone will be dressing like an ivy league student, and we’ll all have to turn to hoodies and ripped jeans again to rebel against that? Isn’t that how clothes work?

  2. October 25, 2009 12:42 am


    You bring up a phenomenal point that fashion within and by itself is reactionary. Laurent reacted to thin lapels and white button-downs with large lapels and liberty prints. Thom Browne reacted to longer sleeves and breaks with his shorter inseams and sleeve lengths. Everyone is trying to stand out and be noticed. How else do you push your clothes? But what Mr Elquist is refering to is “style”. “Style” in the sense it is tried and true. You will always have trends and reactionary people, but through it all you have those who have stuck to their style and have kept to their ways no matter what ripped jeans, large lapels, skinny pants, etc has come their way. This stubbornness to stick to their ways is the tradition that he (Mr Elquist) hopes to innovate on.

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